Las Vegas Hotel Sued For Used Condom

CondomsClaiming that their young daughter discovered a used condom in a Las Vegas hotel bed and then put the rubber in her mouth, a Scottish couple is suing Caesar’s Palace for negligence and emotional distress. According to a lawsuit filed July 13 in Clark County District Court, five-year-old Caitlin Kilcoyne found the condom during a July 2004 Sin City visit with her parents Gerald and Jacqueline. Caitlin “found a used condom in the made up bed in her room…and placed the condom in her mouth,” notes the complaint, a copy of which you’ll find below. The Kilcoynes contend that, following the incident, they incurred expenses for medical treatment, hospitalization, x-rays, drugs, and “evaluation and treatment of Caitlin’s condition.” The lawsuit does not indicate what, if any, lasting damage was caused to the child. The complaint, which seeks in excess of $10,000 in damages, claims that the family has suffered “shock, horror, fear, anxiety, and distress.”
from The Smoking Gun

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