Pricasso — The Penis Mightier Than The Sword

PricassoSYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Using his penis as a brush, artist Tim ‘Pricasso’ Patch performed a number of live paintings to mark the start of Sexpo in Sydney, Australia, on Thursday.
Patch, 56, says he first painted with his organ during New Year’s celebrations last year.
He only uses water-based paints and sells his paintings for around A$300 (US$250).
Patch says the road to becoming a prolific artist is a rough one.
“There is a limit to how long one can paint for, especially on canvas,” he said on his Web site.
He adds that taking his work seriously helps him from getting too excited.
“I take the performance very seriously. It is entertainment,” he said on his website. “Erotic, yes, but non-sexual. It’s a gift, it’s art.”
Sexpo, which is in its tenth year, claims to be the largest adult sex exhibition in the world.
from Mainichi Daily News

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