Belarus State TV Broadcasts Diplomat’s Homosexual Sex Tape

Gay TVRUSSIA – Belarus’ state-run television showed footage featuring two men having sexual intercourse with one another, the Interfax news agency reported Monday.
A report covering a probe recently launched into a Latvian embassy official accused of disseminating porn materials contained a short film showing two men having sex with each other.
The embassy worker was officially charged last week, the Belarusian prosecutors said. The man had been working in Minsk since October 2002.
A criminal case was filed against the official in Minsk on charges of distributing pornographic materials, Belarussian Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov told journalists on Friday in Minsk.
“Porn materials were confiscated from him,” the official said.
The police have obtained information that the diplomat “was involved in the activity for a long time. However, it was difficult to establish his identity before,” Naumov said, adding that the man has not been placed under arrest.
The film was recorded on a hidden camera in the diplomat’s Minsk apartment, the channel said, adding that it could be viewed as evidence of the man’s homosexuality.
from MosNews

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