Another Gay Movie

Another Gay MovieIf you haven’t followed the evolution of gay cinema in the past 20 years, “Another Gay Movie” is the absolute worst place to start.
This flaming projectile is aimed at a tiny subset of the gay audience – those who have seen the landmark movies on the long road to respectability and think it’s safe to revert to the crudest stereotypes. And not just gay stereotypes. This crass comedy borrows the storyline – and the sex-with-pastries gag – of the hetero hit “American Pie.”
The summer after graduation from San Torum High school is the sexual deadline for four openly gay virgins: average-guy Andy (Michael Carbonaro), jock Jarod (Jonathan Chase), geek Griff (Mitch Morris) and nancy-boy Nico (Jonah Blechman).
Nico, whose mother thinks he’s as normal as Paul Lynde, is a fabulous character, in both senses of the word. The others look like they are being tortured. In Andy’s case, it’s self-abuse, as he uses every long item in his suburban home to fantasize about rough sex with his math teacher (Graham Norton).
The film has some ghastly laughs and a boldly cartoonish look. But in the wrong hands, “Another Gay Movie” could ensure that there’s never another gay movie.
from St. Louis Post-Dispatch / Joe Williams

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