Boy George Keeping The Streets Clean

Boy George TrashNEW YORK – Karma Chameleon Boy George just wanted to blend in during his first day of trash duty yesterday, but he wound up flipping his lid.
George cursed and swept clouds of debris at reporters shortly after his 7 a.m. curtain call for court-ordered community service at the Sanitation Department depot in Chinatown.
“Have some dirt!” George, 45, cackled as he whipped dust onto reporters near the on-ramp to the FDR drive near the Brooklyn Bridge. “Do you think you’re better than me?”
Born George O’Dowd, the androgynous British pop star had been sentenced to a week of manual labor after filing a false police report.
Cops who arrived at his former downtown pad to investigate a break-in found George’s stash of cocaine instead.
The judge nixed George’s bid to perform a benefit concert for charity instead of doing garbage detail, telling him the experience “would be an exercise in humiliation or humility.”
It seemed to teeter toward humiliation, as George wigged out under the glare of international media.
“I feel pathetic,” he told reporters who crowded around him as he tried to push a city-issued trash can to the curb. “I wish the media would just f— off.”
Sanitation officials yanked George – and his two younger co-cleaners – off the streets after just two short trips.
“It’s a safety issue,” said Deputy Chief Albert Durrell, who pulled back the sanitation van that was supposed to shuttle George and the gang around Chinatown for their eight-hour shift.
The orange-vested performer wielded city-issued brooms, shovels and trash cans around the Sanitation Department’s District 3 Garage on South St. near the Manhattan Bridge as a small but devoted band of fans rooted him on.
“I love you Boy George!” yelled Joann Joseph, 36, of Rhode Island who hopped a 2 a.m. train to the city to support her idol. “I’m a fan of his, no matter what.”
from The New York Daily News

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