Homosexual Lobby Targets Corporate America

Gay BisinessGay spending power is a particular theme, and a startling number of businesses are buying that siren-song.
Large companies are trying to cash-in with tolerance policies, advertising campaigns and, now, networking conferences. The Reaching Out Conference is an example. Homosexual activists network with gay M.B.A. students; the goal being to promote the gay agenda within the business world. This conference is sponsored by corporate giants like IBM and Dell.
“It’s part of a good strategy on the part of activists to go after those who are going to be tomorrow’s leaders.”
That’s Ed Vitagliano with the American Family Association. He says major companies look for ways to develop a loyal consumer-base and the gay community is considered affluent.
“The perception amongst corporate America is that this is a community that has a lot of money to spend, and there’s very little downside to courting the gay communities.”
The Human Rights Campaign claims gay buying power amounts to 641-billion dollars. But Phil Burress, of Citizens for Community Values, doubts it’s accurate.
“I totally would discount that number. You can’t say on one hand, ‘we’re being discriminated against.’ And then on the other hand say you’re this powerful force.”
Whatever the amount, it’s a sliver of the total.
“The buying power of the pro-family movement dwarfs that of the homosexual lobby.”
And once a company goes to a gay-embracing policy, it’s hard to back away…even when it hurts. Just ask Ford Motor Company.
from Focus On The Family

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