Court Justifies Gay Pride Ban In Moscow

Gay MoscowA Moscow court ruled Tuesday that the city government did not act illegally when it banned a gay Pride parade in May.
The court justified its ruling by saying the city had the right to ban the event out of concerns for security, the official Russian news agency Itar Tass reported.
Dmitry Bartenev, an attorney for the two LGBT groups that proceeded with the march despite the ban, told the news agency that he will appeal the decision.
“As to my mind, the ban on the parade amounts to the infringements of the sex minorities’ rights,” Bartenev was quoted by Planet Out as saying.
However, Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov maintains that the ruling was morally right. “Such functions may be acceptable in European countries more ’advanced’ in such matters than Russia,” he told Itar Tass. “I believe this parade is impermissible in our country, above all, on moral and ethical grounds.”
Police arrested 200 people during the unauthorized May 27 parade, where anti-gay protesters, including skinheads, assaulted the marchers by throwing bottles and other objects at them. Among the victims was a man beaten to the point of blacking out.
from MosNews

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