Christina Aguilera Shocked Over Gay Marriage Ban

Christina AguileraChristina Aguilera has attacked the US laws that ban her pal Lance Bass from marrying his gay partner.
The former ‘N Sync singer recently revealed his sexuality and confessed to a relationship with Amazing Race reality TV star Reichen Lehmkuhl.
Aguilera was amazed the news made headlines stating: “I’m shocked that it’s a big deal! I’m shocked that people are shocked.”
However, she is more outraged that, under California law, and in most US states, Bass and Lehmkuhl couldn’t marry.
The newlywed says: “I think it’s really unfair that there has to be some kind of standard for marriage. Marriage should be about celebrating two people’s love for each other. It shouldn’t have anything to do with someone’s sexual preference.
“Europe is a lot more open when it comes to sexuality. I think that with the history of European culture, there is a lot more openness to being provocative. I’m just all about no judgement and (having) equal rights.”
from Ireland OnLine

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