Liza Minnelli Irked By Questions About Drag Queens

LizaLAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Liza Minnelli, one of the most popular foils for drag performers the world over, was irked by questions about the craft during a mercurial interview posted this week on the Vegas celebrity chat show “The Strip.”
The 60-year-old Oscar and Tony winner joked about her longtime status as a major icon for gay men but became suddenly irritated when asked about drag homages to her.
“What is this article about, honey?” Minnelli snapped at “The Strip” co-host Steve Friess, a national freelance journalist working on a profile of the entertainer for a Las Vegas magazine in advance of Minnelli’s upcoming headliner gigs in Sin City. “What is this article’s titled?”
When Friess said he didn’t know, the performer eased up but went on to say she’s never gone to see any of the drag performers who play her. “I’m usually working myself,” she said with a loud laugh.
Friess posted the audio on the celebrity interview podcast he co-hosts with NBC producer Miles Smith, which can be found at The show is a member of the Podshow Podcast Network.
Minnelli was far more comfortable talking about her health, her recollections of visiting Vegas as a small child when her mother, Judy Garland, headlined there, and even about both her and Garland’s status as gay icons.
“You name me a big female star who’s not a gay icon,” Minnelli said. “Every major female performer I know is aware that they have gay followings and how sensitive they are. I just think gay people have better taste.”
from Press Release

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