Mayor Makes Time For Pride Parade

Bob ChiarelliOTTAWA, CANADA – Mayor Bob Chiarelli’s decision to join the gay pride parade for the first time in his nine years as mayor had the hollow ring of political opportunism for his political opponents.
“It’s amazing what elections will do,” said Bay Coun. Alex Cullen.
Chiarelli rode with the paramedics in a modified John Deere Gator. The mayor said he was too busy in previous years to join the parade.
“The other years, I was occupied. All the events take place in a very short time frame,” he said. “I participate in most activities, but every year I can’t participate in them all.”
Chiarelli said he has contributed to the gay movement’s cause by the raising of the Pride flag at City Hall.
“I have always participated in my municipal career with the celebration of Pride Week,” he said.
Cullen, however, said the public will see through his election year photo-op.
“You can’t win people’s support by showing up for one parade,” said Cullen, who supports mayoral candidate Alex Munter. “It is in stark contrast to his absence over the last 13 years.”
Munter took a restrained swipe at Chiarelli.
“It has taken him awhile to get here. He is nine years late. But better late than never,” said the openly gay politician who mingled with parade spectators while his supporters carried a banner emblazoned with his website address.
Mayoral candidate Larry O’Brien also showed up for the event, but bowed out of the march because he had several, water-logged barbecue events to attend.
from The Ottawa Sun

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