India’s Gay Prince Wants To Adopt

IndiaMUMBAI, INDIA – India’s first openly gay royal, Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, has announced that he would like to adopt a child. The 40-year-old prince was publicly disowned by his family after he came out as a homosexual in an Indian newspaper. He has since been stripped of his title and inheritance.
According to reports, Manvendra’s decision to adopt comes after his family made efforts to repair relations with him.
His father, Raghubir Singh Gohil, recently told The Times of India newspaper that he regretted disowning him out of anger.
“I did it in anger. I was pressurized by various people. He has been a good son,” he said.
Manvendra has expressed a desire to adopt a teenage child and he plans for the child to be educated abroad.
Homosexuality is banned in India and punishable by up to 10 years in jail.
Although Manvendra came out to his family in 2002, his family had not expected him to go public about his sexuality. Only two months ago his mother issued a statement stating his sexuality was “unsuitable in society.”
Manvendra, who is the chairperson of the AIDS charity organization Lakshya Trust,
said, “I came out as gay to a Gujarati daily because I wanted people to openly discuss homosexuality since it’s a hidden affair, with a lot of stigma attached.”
from All Headline News

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