Officer Convicted Of Violating Transsexual’s Rights

GaySAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – A San Antonio police officer was convicted today of violating the civil rights of a transsexual by raping and beating her during a traffic stop.
The jury found that Officer Dean Gutierrez violated Gabriel Bernal’s rights through aggravated sexual assault.
Authorities say the felony carries a sentence of up to life in prison and as much as 250-thousand dollars in fines. A sentencing hearing is set for December 1st.
In the trial, prosecutors presented DNA evidence and the testimony of Bernal, 23, who consented to having her name made public. Prosecutors said 46-year-old Gutierrez stopped Bernal in 2005, ordered her into his car and drove her to a remote location where he physically and sexually assaulted her.
The defense argued in the trial that Bernal had consensual oral sex and was lying so she could win money in a civil lawsuit. Prosecutors said no suit had been filed.
from KTRK TV

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