Man Gets $91,698 For Burned Penis

PenisJINSHAN DISTRICT, SHANGHAI – A man received 729,000 yuan (US$91,698) in compensation from a Jinshan private hospital because his penis was burned by a “heliotherapy,” and most of it had to be excised, Shanghai Evening Post reported today.
The middle-aged man, surnamed Tang, read an advertisement and went to Jianguo Hospital in Jinshan District on September 8 to have a foreskin resection.
After the operation, the doctor advised him to use a microwave “heliotherapy” to cure the prostatitis.
After one hour, Tang’s penis became very painful and looked burnt black. He also had difficulty urinating but the doctors had already been off work.
Tang and his wife went to the hospital the next day and a doctor was able to reduce the inflammation.
Urologists discovered that Tang’s penis had been so severely “cooked” that the burned parts had to be excised, reducing the size of the penis. So, Tang received an operation to cut the injured part, with only 1 centimeter left.
The president of the private hospital admitted that an “accident” had occurred but asserted that the “operation” had been performed according to the instructions set out on the “heliotherapy” manual.
But some urologists said that type of therapy is unnecessary for the operation. An expertise report also noted that the hospital should take the responsibility.
Tang sued the hospital at Jinshan People’s Court and asked for 1.02 million yuan as compensation. After the court’s mediation, the two parts agree to reduce the compensation to 729,000 yuan.
from The Shanghai Daily

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