Sex Toy Suspect ‘Outed’ In Shop Window

Penis PumpWELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND – A Wellington sex store owner is defending his “name and shame” tactics after posting a photo of a man, suspected of shoplifting a penis pump, in his shop window.
The Erox Lifestyle Centre, on the corner of Vivian and Cuba streets, has caught the eye of passers-by for not the usual reasons after staff put up the photo. A security footage photo features a man who allegedly put the $109.95 sex aid under his hoodie and left the shop without paying. A note above the photo says: “When will he pay for the penis pump he stole?”
Auckland-based Erox director John Frew said he was fed up with shoplifting from his nine North Island stores and the recently employed tactic had resulted in several people returning to pay for stolen items.
Shoplifting was usually reported to police, but he had found that unless the thief was instantly recognised by officers, cases were not followed up.
“Shoplifting tends to be at the bottom of the priority list for police. All I want is the man who accidently put the penis pump up his jumper and left the store to come back and pay for it.”
Mugshots of suspected shoplifters were also posted online. The company’s website featured security photos of another five people who allegedly took items from other stores.
Mr Frew said security cameras had only recently been installed in his two Wellington shops and the alleged penis pump thief was the capital’s first to grace his wanted list.
Wellington lawyer John Edwards, who specialises in privacy law, said the tactic was risky and delved into a grey area of law. The man in the photo could possibly sue for defamation. “Mind you, truth is complete defence against defamation, so if this guy has taken the penis pump then it is unlikely to stand up in court.”
Using security footage to deter shoplifting pushed privacy boundaries but was defendable, he said.
Consumers Institute chief executive David Russell said if the retailer correctly identified the shoplifter then that person was “fair game”.
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