Homosexuals – Should They Really Be Called "Gay"?

Gay CoupleOkay, everyone knows the facts about homosexuality, otherwise known as the “free choice of gays” by now, right? Highest AIDS rate, the lowest average life expectancy amongst the males, family issues, destruction of lives of young children because of the same-sex home, highest drug addiction rates….so on…and on…and on…these are some of the characteristics of a typical gay lifestyle. Still we continue to claim that everybody has the choice to be gay. Let’s analyze this “choose to be gay rant” that we like to parrot, shall we?
Hmm…let’s see – consider the following two conditions:
1. You find that your neighbor’s child is being mistreated and hurt by his parent’s attitude and lifestyle.
2. You see someone blind walking unknowingly towards the edge of a cliff/a young guy about to commit suicide.
Now I don’t have anything against gay people struggling with homosexuality (and it is a struggle from what I understand), but I do have some pretty big problems with homosexuality itself and the acceptance we’re doling out on it! Teaching our kids in every single subject, including math and science about how good gays are is absolutely appalling! (This is by the way the decision that the weird state of California made). If a suggestion of this sort was to come in favor of the Christians, everyone would be up in arms, and there would riots and parades down the street. Imagine if a state declared that every subject must highlight Christians and the amazing influence they’ve had on the society! I don’t think that it would be an understatement to say that the government would be turned upside down for it!Yet we’ll quietly take it sitting down and let it go when our kids are being taught absolute lies and are being taught to encourage this devastating lifestyle of gays.
Humans are like sheep and they like to get together in a crowd. Everyone tries to follow the crowd. But it’s about time we actually faced up to the truth and stopped nodding our heads with the “crowds” that say it’s okay for this rampant destruction of lives to continue through the gay lifestyle. Now consider scenario number two. I think I could again safely assume that everyone of us would try and stop this person who’s knowingly or unknowingly going down the wrong path. Then why not try and help gay people overcome this problem instead of encouraging them in this unnatural and deadly lifestyle? Come on now, someone has to call this one out. Being gay is NOT natural! The root cause of this is most of the time something else. Something like trauma through a person of the opposite sex that almost forces a person to become gay! Or extremely low self esteem that makes one believe he/she would never be accepted by someone of the opposite sex (I personally know people who’ve fallen into homosexuality through both of these reasons). Let’s try and help these hurting people out of this sinful trap and get them into a purposeful and meaningful life instead of having them focus on the “gay rights” movements.
As I said before, I don’t hate gays, there’s no reason to, and there’s no point in hating anyone for anything. I just believe it’s about time we tried to help someone struggling with being gay instead of encouraging it. If you’re struggling with being gay, or just want more information, please go to notreligion.com. All in all, there’s nothing “gay” about homosexuality, and we need to, by God’s Grace face up to it.
from Associated Content / Rachel Juneja

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