McGreevey Gay Romp While Wife In Hospital

The ConfessionFormer New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey claims he seduced the Israeli man who forced him out of the closet while his wife was in the hospital recovering from the birth of their daughter.
“I was totally in love with this man,” McGreevey writes of Golan Cipel in “The Confession,” the long-awaited memoir the Daily News bought at a bookstore yesterday. “With Dina still in the hospital with our newborn, I’d been left to my own devices.”
It was during one of those visits that McGreevey says he first kissed Cipel.
Many of the details of his relationship with Cipel were disclosed yesterday as details of his interview with Oprah Winfrey, taped earlier this week, began to leak out.
McGreevey acknowledges there were pangs of guilt with the state troopers parked outside his home and his wife in the hospital recovering from a C-section.
But McGreevey says he couldn’t help himself. And when his wife, Dina Matos, came home with their baby, he would sneak out at night and jog over to Cipel’s apartment.
He goes on to say that he was aware he might be exposed one day but that he didn’t care because he “felt invincible.”
McGreevey’s secret came out in 2004 when, under pressure from Cipel, who accused him of pressuring him for sex, he shocked the country by outing himself as “a gay American” and resigning. He and Matos are now divorcing.
Cipel, who was McGreevey’s homeland security chief even though he wasn’t a U.S. citizen, has denied ever being romantically involved with the ex-governor. His lawyer, Allen Lowy, did not return repeated calls for comment.
McGreevey’s memoir was expected to hit bookshelves on Tuesday, the same day the Winfrey interview will air.
On the show, McGreevey kissed his new lover, Mark O’Donnell. In the book, McGreevey refers to him as “my partner in life.”
As for Matos, McGreevey says he regrets hurting her and recounts how, after he made his shocking announcement, she began carrying around a book – for all the staffers to see – entitled “The Betrayal Bond: Breaking Free of Exploitative Relationships”
McGreevey said his gay fling had humiliated his wife more than an affair with a woman would have done.
McGreevey also recounts his lifelong struggle to hide his homosexuality from the time he was in high school and to start a gay life in secret.
from The New York Daily News

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