Stop Government-Funded Same Sex Indoctrination

The Little Black BookCANADA – Last year, in defiance of public opinion, the Government of Canada passed a law redefining marriage. Educators were now required to teach the new law to all children therefore they were looking for curriculum to teach same-sex relations. The material supplied by the government is coyly called, “The Little Black”.
Welcome to The Little Black Book–Pornographic Propaganda Paid for by Taxpayer Dollars
This past year the federal, provincial and municipal governments provided St. Stephen’s House in Toronto with funding of $7.8 million. One of the “educational” projects undertaken by this organization was the production of “The Little Black Book–A Book on Healthy Sexuality”. This book purports to be a guide to personal and sexual development for teenage girls. In reality, it is a shockingly pornographic and deeply offensive piece of political and cultural propaganda.
Deceiving Teens; Undermining Parents
The Little Black Book is a virtual ‘how to’ guide for homosexual activity. It teaches that only 10 % of the population is heterosexual compared with 10% who are homosexual. The rest (80 %), according to the so-called guide, are bi-sexual. It includes a chapter entitled “My First Time Fucking A Girl, and provides explicit instructions on how to perform oral, anal and other sex acts. Those who counsel against such activity, especially parents, are derisively dismissed as bigots.
“A lot of parents are homophobic, and so are their children–until they get minds of their own.”
In addition the book advises, “If you need a figure to represent God The Holiness then for me (is) she’s a fat, black dyke.”
Promoting Irresponsible Heterosexual Activity
The Little Black Book graphically teaches the use of condoms and dental dams. The World Health Organization warns that condom use may reduce the risk of getting AIDS by 80 %, but that leaves people with a 20% chance of contracting a fatal disease. These studies assume that condoms are used “consistently and correctly” and that they are not damaged in any way. These facts are not presented in this guide, leading its readers to the mistaken belief that they can safely engage in so-called safe sex without risk. In one particularly egregious passage, girls are advised to “cut out the crotch of your undies and sew on a dental dam” for “fun”, advice that, if followed, could lead to the complete failure of the device and infection of its unsuspecting users.
The Little Black Book was developed with the financial assistance of all three levels of government. Its online version is being hosted under the auspices of Industry Canada. It is only logical, therefore, that government educators will interpret this as a stamp of “official approval” and use this offensive curriculum.
Would you knowingly expose your children to such material?
Defend Marriage Coalition is calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to stop the same-sex indoctrination of Canada’s children, to withdraw all funding of organizations producing sexually explicit material and to examine the societal impact of re-defining marriage.
I urge you to act to stop the indoctrination of our children. What can you do?
1. Call your Member of Parliament and MPP or MLA.
2. Become a member of Defend Marriage.
3. Donate to the “Stop Same-Sex Indoctrination” campaign
If we remain silent while our children are violated, then we are complicit in their indoctrination. Children have enough to contend with today with the internet, video games, Hollywood and peer pressure. The last thing they need is same-sex indoctrination by the government.
Act today. If not you, then who? If not now, when?
from Canada Free Press / Dr. Charles McVety

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