Anti-Gay Sign Goes Up In Idaho

Jim ValentinePOST FALLS, IDAHO – Jim Valentine lumps gay people and pedophiles together. And he doesn’t want any of them living in Idaho.
The Post Falls business owner posted a message in bold letters on his reader board this morning: “Peds queers fags your (sic) in Idaho now…”
That’s what northbound drivers on Pleasantview Road see when they drive past the sign for his landscape supply and horse-boarding business, Dixie Services.
“Don’t fruit with Idaho kill yo-yo boy” is the message greeting southbound drivers.
According to Valentine, “yo-yo boy” is his nickname for convicted killer and child molester Joseph Duncan, who killed three members of a Coeur d’Alene family and allegedly abducted two children from the family home so he could rape and molest them.
“People are kind of numb. I think they need to wake up a little bit,” said Valentine, who drives classic cars emblazoned with the Confederate flag. One has a horn that plays “Dixie.”
The father of eight said he was inspired by the “Kill Duncan” bumper stickers he has seen around town. Valentine said he believes he’s speaking on behalf of others in the community who are “afraid” to speak up.
For those who have worked diligently to promote human rights in North Idaho, Valentine’s message is shocking and sad, said Tony Stewart, board member of the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations.
“It sends a message of hate directed at an entire group of people,” Stewart said. “It’s stereotyping an entire population. It’s so unfortunate when that happens.”
Stewart said the crimes Duncan committed have affected the entire community.
“We all condemn completely the atrocious crimes of Duncan,” Stewart said. “We wanted swift justice and harsh punishment.”
He said Valentine is “trying to take a whole community of people and stereotype them.”
“One can’t use a certain crime to preach hatred against a whole community of people,” Stewart said.
from The Spokesman Review

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