Attack Fury Of Wife ‘Who Found Husband Was Gay’

Gay ComputerMANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM – A woman who discovered her husband was gay after 16 years of marriage went on a drinking spree that ended with her battering a former judge, a court heard.
Fiona Marsden, 45, flew into a rage after catching her husband performing an act over the internet watched by another man, Manchester city magistrates heard.
Social worker Marsden returned unexpectedly to the couple’s home in Yew Tree Avenue, Northenden, to find her husband in front of a web cam.
After trying in vain to patch things up, Marsden had several double vodkas in a pub and drove the family car into two parked vehicles while trying to get home at around 11pm on September 4. When the 4ft 6in mother-of-two was prevented by people living nearby from leaving the accident in Homewood Road, Northenden she launched a savage attack on former deputy district judge Tony Broadley, the court heard.
Marsden hit solicitor Mr Broadley – who was among those who had come out of their homes – seven times with her handbag as she raged and swore.
She also kicked Mr Broadley in the groin and punched him in the face, leaving a cut on his nose.
Other neighbours stepped in to restrain Marsden until the emergency services arrived.
Prosecutor Gareth Hughes said police tried to breath-test Marsden but she refused and swore at officers.
Marsden, who sobbed throughout the hearing, admitted failing to provide a specimen for analysis, assault, using threatening language and behaviour and careless driving.
Jenny Callis, defending, said Marsden could not remember anything about the evening after she left the pub. She blamed her loss of memory on the mixture of alcohol and prescription painkillers she was taking for nerve damage.
Ms Callis said Marden, who now faces the sack from her job with social services, was under severe emotional pressure.
“The humiliation and shock of finding out her husband was gay in the manner in which she did was enormous,” she said.
Marsden had been torn between not being able to forgive her husband and not being able to afford to live without him.
Marsden, who lives with grown-up children from a former marriage, has now separated from her husband. He is living with the man with whom he was in contact over the internet.
Ms Callis said Marsden would now have to sell the family home.
Magistrate Marie Brinicombe conditionally discharged Marsden, due to “exceptional mitigating circumstances”. She was banned from driving for 18 months, with £100 compensation to Mr Broadley.
from The Manchester Evening News

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