Sting Lands Men In Jail

Blue CutCAJON PASS, CALIFORNIA – A sexual playground hidden by foliage lies just off one of the most traveled freeways in the region. Secret coves, creekside paths, makeshift shelters with mattresses and easy chairs provide meeting places for men to indulge in sex and drugs.
On Friday afternoon, deputies from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department marched a number of men out of the bushes and arrested almost a dozen on suspicion of lewd acts and drug violations.
Blue Cut is an area off Interstate 15 between the Cleghorn Road and Kenwood Road exits. Through word of mouth, the remote area became a known trysting place. Methamphetamine is frequently found on men who are arrested there, said sheriff’s officials.
The Sheriff’s Department began to hold sting operations at the area after receiving complaints from residents. At a previous sting in August, deputies arrested 17 men on various counts of public sex and drugs.
On Friday, sheriff’s deputies Donald Patton and Danny Rosa stepped over rocks and brush, weaving around sexual debris — used condoms, lotion bottles and lubricant packages, gay pornography, and soiled baby wipes — packed into the sandy trails. The trove included torn underwear for both sexes, women’s high heels and the packaging for a dog collar.
Patton said, “You get some of ’em wearing women’s clothing. But they are not women.”
The two deputies were looking for the occupants of vehicles parked along Cajon Boulevard, which runs parallel to I-15.
Men can be seen leaving their cars, meeting and talking to other men, and then walking together into the bushes. Sometimes they go into the bushes alone but come out with a companion.
“It’s a beautiful area where people should be able to come and experience the outdoors, but they’re turning it into a place to do lewd activity,” Patton said. “It’s not safe for families anymore.”
Patton said the visitors sheriff’s deputies have contacted include swinging homosexual couples, monogamous homosexual couples, single men, married men with children, and, most frequently, complete strangers.
Other people are keeping tabs on the activity too. The BNSFRailway has officers from the Olympic Security company patrolling its land.
“If someone is anywhere near our tracks or on one of our (rights of way), we escort them out,” security officer Carl Perez said. “But if it’s not our land, there’s not much we can do.”
Steve Barrett of San Dimas was sitting near the BNSF tracks watching trains pass. The former Union Pacific employee comes to Blue Cut frequently to watch the trains.
“I often wonder what all this traffic is,” he said. “They all go down there in the bushes. There’s never any women – just a bunch of kinky-looking guys. It makes me wonder, `Whatcha doin’, boys?’
“I think they know better than to approach me. I glare at them and reach below my seat like I’ve got a gun.”
On Friday afternoon, almost every man the deputies contacted in the area said he was there to enjoy the day or go for a walk. When deputies found drugs or sexual paraphernalia, they arrested the men.
Two reserve deputies in civilian clothes walked through the brush, waiting for men to approach them and solicit sex.
As soon as it became apparent they were law-enforcement officers, cars peeled out of the turnout posthaste.
“That’s how it happens every time,” Rosa said. “They know they’re not supposed to be doing this, and they take off.”
from The San Bernardino Sun

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