Dixie Chicks Notice More Gay Men At Their Shows

Dixie ChicksCountry trio the Dixie Chicks have discovered a major plus from the fall-out after their anti-George W. Bush controversy – they’ve been embraced by gay men. The group lost an army of fans after singer Natalie Maines famously criticized the President during a 2003 concert in London, but they’ve started seeing more men at their shows.
Bandmate Emily Robison says, “There are lots of gay men in the audience. I think they rightfully assume that if you’re liberal on one issue, you’re liberal across the board.”
Maines adds, “I feel we have a connection with them because we’ve felt discrimination. We now know what it’s like to be hated for no reason, just because of who we are. There are way more men in general. We never really had men in our crowd or it always seemed as if they didn’t want to be there – that they brought their girlfriends, thinking for doing that they were going to get laid afterward.”
from Star Pulse

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