Beyonce And Eva To Play Lesbian Lovers

Beyonce & EvaHot, scandalous and spicy, just the way they like it. Many men will be sure not to miss this movie when it comes out in the near future.
é and Eva Longoria recently revealed they will soon be playing lesbian lovers in a new sexy flick and be the subject of many men’s wet dreams.
The gorgeous stars have revealed they are set to star in the sexy Victorian drama “Tipping The Velvet.”
Eva, 31, said, “Yes it’s true. We are talking about doing the movie together. It’s such a wonderful novel, a beautiful love story.”
Director Sofia Coppola is hoping to bring Sarah Water’s novel about sexual repression to the big screen and is anxious for Beyonc
é and Eva to take the roles of 1890s music hall star Kitty Butler, and her lesbian lover Nan Astley.
é, 25, thinks it is time the world was treated to a classic lesbian love story.
The singer, who was speaking at a New York benefit for ovarian cancer, said, “We’ve had ‘Brokeback Mountain’ so the time is right for this divine novel to get the same treatment.”
é and Eva are said to be incredibly excited about the steamy love scenes and can’t wait for filming to begin.
A source revealed, “They weren’t at all coy about the sex scenes. In fact they both seemed to think it would be more fun than doing the same work with a man. It’s going to be very hot.”
The BBC’s TV adaptation of “Tipping The Velvet” caused outrage four years ago with its graphic sex scenes, which included cross-dressing and the use of sex toys.
from All Headline News

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