Does Size Matter?

PenisWhy is it we feel obliged to say that size doesn’t matter? It does.
In fact when guys have asked me this very question, my answer is “anyone who says it doesn’t obviously hasn’t been with a very small man”.
I know. Not politically correct. We can talk about anything else. Criticize any other element of a man. But heaven forbid, this is THE sacred cow.
The cliché goes, “it’s not the size of the ocean, it’s the motion of the ocean”. Who are we kidding? There is only so much movin’ one can do. If it’s a puddle, there just aren’t going to be any waves. Sorry.
It’s not like breast size, because breasts as lovely as they may be, are only secondary to the primary act of actual intercourse.
Sure oral sex can make up for it to a certain extent. The lesser endowed man is well advised to pick up some carpet munching skills. But unless you like sex toys exclusively or have been for some unfortunate reason sewn half shut, a small penis just isn’t going to rock your world into the domain of mind blowing sex.
I know, there are positions that improve the situation, but read, improve. And don’t go thinking you’re some Don Juan if a comparison to a pencil would leave the pencil looking well endowed. Because if you’re bummed by a flat-chested girl or some cellulite ridden thighs, while we pretend it’s all good, there is little more horrifying than an itty-bitty-teeny-weeny.
That being said, don’t go giving up. If you’re a nice guy, we’re a giving breed. But don’t go flaunting it around. If we really like you, we’ll get over it. But please don’t ask us to flatter your male prowess.
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