You’re Not Gay If You Kiss Another Man’s Penis

Steve-O‘Jackass’ star Steve-O has confessed he once kissed his co-star Chris Pontius’ penis – but insists he is not “gay”.
The outrageous daredevil is adamant the prank does not mean he has homosexual tendencies because it was done as a joke for ‘Jackass’.
He told More magazine: “The naughtiest thing I’ve ever done is kissed the head of Chris Pontius’ penis one time. But that was just for the cameras. It’s not really gay if your mates are filming it.”
Steve-O has also bragged he is a fantastic lover and claims it doesn’t take him more than one minute to satisfy a woman.
He said: “A lot can happen in a minute!”
Earlier this week, Steve-O slammed Kevin Federline for neglecting his responsibilities as a father. The wild prankster claimed Kevin had been out partying with him soon after his now estranged wife Britney Spears gave birth to their second son Jayden James.
Steve-O said: “I thought it was funny that I heard he just had a kid, but he was out with us getting wasted in Las Vegas.”
from Eye On Gambling

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