Artist Marks World AIDS Day With Crucified Pregnant Teenager Statue

Jens GalschioetA provocative Danish artist raised a statue of a crucified pregnant teenager outside Copenhagen’s Lutheran cathedral to mark World AIDS Day on Friday
Jens Galschioet said the sculpture was meant as a protest against Christian fundamentalists and the idea that “God allows nothing but chastity and unprotected sex.”
He said he chose a pregnant teenager for his artwork “because they are the hardest hit by AIDS.”
Galschioet received permission from city authorities to erect the statue, named “In the Name of God,” outside the cathedral.
The statue raised few eyebrows in the secular Danish capital. Even the clergy appeared unmoved.
“It’s a good supplement to the crucifix we have inside the church,” said Anders Gadegaard, the cathedral’s dean.
Galschioet said he would try to have copies of his statue displayed next year in Nairobi, Kenya, the Vatican and Dallas, Texas.
In the 1990s, Galschioet set up statues with a pig’s head in various European cities to address what he called growing racism and intolerance in Europe.
In 1999, Hong Kong university students put up another of his sculptures honoring the victims of the 1989 massacre of pro-democracy protesters in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.
from USA Today

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