Man With HIV Accused Of Illegally Donating Blood

Blood DonorCROWN POINT, INDIANA – A Hammond man was jailed without bail Tuesday after prosecutors charged him with donating blood even though he knew he was HIV positive.
Michael D. Ivy, 45, could face two to eight years in prison if convicted of the charge.
Authorities said Ivy was told in December 2002 he could not donate blood after he tested positive for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.
But on Sept. 13, Ivy went to a blood plasma center in Hammond and lied about his medical history so he could donate blood, investigators said.
Ivy returned on Sept. 22 to donate blood again, but in the meantime the first donation had tested positive for HIV and he was told he could not donate blood.
The Lake County prosecutor’s office said Ivy would be held without bail until Dec. 13, at which time his bail would be set at $20,000. A hearing is set for Jan. 25.
from The Chicago Tribune

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