Shirtless Bush Seen in ‘Brokeback’ Spoof

MONTREAL – A “Brokeback Mountain” parody airing on Canadian television depicts an unusual type of summit between President Bush and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
In the sketch based on the acclaimed film about a love affair between two cowboys, Harper and Bush are portrayed naked from the waist up in a tent. Images of their faces are pasted over actors’ bodies.
At one point, Bush throws cherries at Harper’s nipples, which are covered with whipped cream. After the cherries land, separatist politician Andre Boisclair, who cooperated with filming of the spot, is seen opening the tent flap and stiffly saying that Quebec won’t get involved “in something like that.”
The sketch was filmed for the MusiMax music and entertainment channel but has leaked out to French-language TV stations, upsetting members of the provincial Liberal government of Premier Jean Charest.
“I leave it to Mr. Boisclair to defend his judgment,” said Quebec’s education minister, Jean-Marc Fournier.
Boisclair, who is gay and the leader of Parti Quebecois, later said he regretted the entire episode: “It’s quite obvious I wouldn’t do it again.”
from The Associated Press

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