Boy Gets Penis Sliced During Botched Circumcision

CircumcisionJOHOR BARU, MALAYSIA – A slip of the scalpel resulted in a 10-year-old boy’s penis being sliced at a private clinic in Mersing.
Muhamad Shahbuddin Zainalabidin was at the clinic for his circumcision when the medical assistant sliced off more than the foreskin on Thursday.
Shahbuddin’s father, Zainalabidin Ahmad, 46, a chief clerk in Felda Nitar, Mersing, said he was shocked when the medical assistant ran to him and apologised that he had accidentally severed his son’s penis.
A doctor then retrieved the sliced tip and put it on ice and rushed the boy in an ambulance to Sultanah Aminah Hospital. The tip was re-attached after a five-hour operation.
The father is keeping his fingers crossed as it will only be known tomorrow whether the surgery was successful.
Zainalabidin said Shahbuddin and his twin brother, Zaid Abidin, were among seven scheduled to be circumcised at 10am that day.
“Zaid was supposed to go first, but chickened out and convinced Shahbuddin to go first.
“But, after the incident, the doctor cancelled the remaining appointments and closed the clinic,” Zainalabidin added.
The boy’s mother, Zunaidah Abd Rahman, 41, said although it was an accident and the doctor had offered to foot the medical expenses, she was afraid the traumatic experience would continue to affect her son.
from The New Sunday Times

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