Nation’s Only Lesbian Sperm Bank Records 2,000th Birth

LesbianSAN FRANCISCO – Pacific Reproductive Services Fertility Center and Sperm Bank founded here in 1984 with a primary mission to serve the unmet needs of lesbians throughout the country, today announced its 2000th birth through artificial insemination.
According to PRS founder and longtime lesbian health care activist, Sherron Mills, N.P., the actual number of women who have become mothers with the assistance of PRS is probably “significantly higher than the 2,000 figure,” which reflects only known births.
Noting the fact that the number of same-sex female couples raising children is estimated by U.S. census figures to have increased by about 50 percent between 1990 and 2000, Mills said that although some percentage of that growth is doubtless related to a greater willingness to reveal sexual orientation, “there is no question that we are in the midst of a lesbian baby boom.”
The Need for Lesbian-specific Fertility and Artificial Insemination Services
Today, in marked contrast to the past, lesbians throughout the world are opting to become parents through sperm donor insemination. But despite increased societal openness to alternative lifestyles and family structures – most notably in the United States and Europe – serious barriers remain for a lesbian sperm bank and for any lesbian seeking to become a mother through the services of a sperm bank.
“The biggest problem facing lesbians – and to a lesser but still significant degree for all women who are not married – is lack of access to truly supportive artificial insemination and fertility services outside our major metropolitan areas,” Mills says. “The degree of prejudice is still very high among health care providers. That’s why we make it a priority to find fertility specialists throughout the country to whom we can comfortably refer the clients of our sperm bank for their insemination procedures.”
Internet Increasing Reach of Artificial Insemination
As it has in so many facets of life today, the Internet is also opening communication and breaking down barriers in the field of donor insemination. For lesbians, it is now possible to identify supportive providers via the Web. Pacific Reproductive Services was an early pioneer in shipping sperm to lesbians and other women – and to supportive providers throughout the country – as well as providing any ongoing assistance required until pregnancy is achieved.
More “Willing to be Known” Sperm Donors
Pacific Reproductive Services has also been a pioneer in providing its clients with donors who contractually agree to provide updated contact information and meet a child at least once when he or she reaches 18, should the child wish to do so. Today, PRS offers the country’s largest pool of such sperm donors.
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