Outrage In Italy Over "Gay Nativity" At Parliament

Gay MarriageROME – Two leftists in Italy’s ruling coalition caused an uproar with fellow lawmakers by putting four dolls representing homosexual couples in the official nativity scene at the parliament.
Members of the small “Rose in the Fist” party, the two parliamentarians wanted to push for the cause of legalizing gay marriage and granting legal recognition to unmarried couples.
Bruno Mellano and Donatella Poretti had added Barbie and Ken-type dolls in the parliamentary nativity scene.
Parliamentary ushers removed the dolls with the miniature slogans in favor of gay rights quickly after it was placed.
“This is a vulgar and unacceptable double attack against both a (national) institution as well as a religious symbol,” a group of women parliamentarians of the opposition conservative Forza Italia party said in a statement.
Luca Volonte, a member of the small centrist opposition Union of Christian Democrats, called it a “pure attack against the religion practiced by the majority of Italians”.
Majority of Italy is Roman Catholic and nativity scenes are a common sight in homes, squares and shops.
Some members of the opposition even wanted the offending lawmakers to be censured by the speaker of the lower house of parliament.
from All Headline News

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