Nepal’s Homosexual Community In Trouble

NepalNepal’s homosexual community, who had joined hands with the Maoists and others to oppose King Gyanendra’s direct rule, is now the target of a social campaign launched by Maoist guerrillas.
Homosexuals were once the pet target of security personnel during King Gyanendra’s regime. But now the situation has worsened, as the Maoists cadres have started moving from house to house and telling owners not to let rooms to lesbians and homosexuals.
The gays had thought that with the end of the royal regime in the country their rights would also be protected by the new government. But with the sign of the peace accord and with their terrorist tag lifted, the Maoists have now turned their attention to expunging so-called “social pollutants,” ranging from pornographic films to homosexuality.
The gays who used to roam freely even during the king’s direct rule now feel that the situation has really worsened as roaming bands of communists round up gays and transsexuals as part of their campaign.
The Maoists now have said that they are totally against any “aberrant” activity that could have a negative effect on society. The rebels who have been campaigning against polygamy, polyandry, infidelity and drunkenness, have a zero tolerance policy towards homosexuality.
Meanwhile, the Blue Diamond Society, Nepal’s only NGO fighting for gay rights held a meeting with several Maoists leaders explaining to them the rights of gays, lesbians and transgenders. But this effort by the society has proved fruitless, as the leaders showed no interest over the issues. Instead, the leaders reportedly told that organization that homosexuality was a byproduct of capitalism.
In March police arrested 26 transsexuals in one raid. According to Blue Diamond they were taken to the Hanuman Dhoka central police station in Kathmandu where they were held for weeks without being allowed to contact anyone.
Although Nepal’s gay community subsequently petitioned Prime Minister Koirala to heed the U.N. call and accept gays as part of society with equal rights, the plea so far has gone ignored.
from Oh My News

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