Sex Education Revisited

Gay CoupleMontgomery County school officials released new sex-education lesson plans yesterday after a 2005 legal settlement with two citizens groups that objected to the previous lessons. Here is a recap of the chief complaints and how the new lessons address them:
· Condom video. Critics are mostly pleased with a new condom video that is purely instructive. In the disputed video, a young woman unrolled a condom onto a cucumber.
· Homosexuality. Sexual orientation is introduced to eighth-graders, despite protests from the groups.
· Religion. The new lessons do not broach religious beliefs. A federal judge found religious bias in the previous lessons, which singled out some religions for intolerance of homosexuality.
· Anal sex. Anal and oral sex are cited in the lessons, and anal sex is not singled out for potential health risks, contrary to the citizens groups’ wishes.
· Former homosexuals. The viewpoints of former homosexuals, who contend that sexuality is a choice, are not voiced in the new curriculum, as the citizens groups’ had hoped.
from The Washington Post

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