Girls Seek Police Help For Gay Wedding

INDIA – Two tribal girls in Chhattisgarh have sought police protection to marry each other against family and social protests.
Meena, 21, and Bundkunwar, 22, of Kotal village in Surajpur district wrote a letter to the Prem Nagar police Monday, saying their parents were pressurising them to marry boys.
The girls, who claim to be involved in a relationship for the last three years, also vowed to commit suicide if not allowed to live with each other.
The police are clueless over the legal rights of homosexuals.
‘It’s a quite ticklish situation for the police. We are reluctant to arrange their marriage as our society does not permit lesbians to marry,’ R.S. Nayak, the superintendent of police in Surajpur district, told IANS Wednesday over telephone.
‘We told the girls to furnish all details in writing and give us some time to decide. They immediately provided all details but vowed to kill themselves if someone tried to separate them,’ he added.
‘Since they are adults and wilfully decided to either marry each other or end their life, we have sought some time from the girls. We are now seeking legal suggestions on how to get out of the situation,’ Nayak said.
from New Delhi News

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