Supermodel Salvail Reveals Gay Secret

Eve Salvail
Nineties supermodel Eve Salvail has gone public with her homosexuality almost seven years after a pal told gay magazine The Advocate the leggy French-Canadian was a lesbian.
Salvail, who was discovered by Jean-Paul Gaultier, has never confirmed or denied the story, always refusing to talk openly about her sexual preferences.
But she chose to reveal all on pal Tyra Banks’ US talk show yesterday (09Jan07).
Former model Banks revealed she had worked with Salvail in Europe a decade ago and had no idea her fellow model was gay.
The stunning peroxide blonde, who also appeared in movies like The Fifth Element and Zoolander, revealed, “I was always with my girlfriend at the time backstage, but I’m very private about my personal life… She was my make-up artist, my manager, my hairdresser, my everything else.”
Emotional Salvail confessed she agreed to “come out” on Banks’ Tv show because “it’s you”.
She added, “I feel like people that watch your show may be (from) all walks of life, all kinds of people. I could come out in Out magazine and whatnot, but I reach to gay people that are already out; how’s it gonna help them.”
Salvail, who has been with her current partner for 18 months, revealed she tried dating men but quickly discovered she was gay as her modelling career was taking off: “I soon realised I could not fall in love with them. The way I feel with a girl is completely different.”
from The Post Chronicle

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