The Guy Is Totally Hot, But He Might Be Totally Gay. What Is A Girl To Do?

Randy Blue Kody Toy
I have my eye on this totally hot guy, but I’m not sure if he is gay or straight. He loves to cook, dresses fashionably and isn’t into sports. I can’t ask him if he is gay, but I don’t want to waste time flirting if he is. How can I tell?

Men and women both enjoy a range of activities and forms of professional and creative expression, and as hard as our society tries to fit men into the stereotypical role of the beer-drinking, sports-loving slob, it is not always the best fit (and thank goodness). Hobbies do not necessarily reflect sexual orientation. You simply cannot tell whether this guy is gay or straight based on his soufflés or his shoes — even if they are Prada.
The good news is that you will likely be able to tell an enormous amount — his sexual orientation, whether he likes you and whether you will continue to like him — by getting to know him. If he’s straight and you two like each other, you may have a date. If he identifies as gay (or if he’s straight but the mutual romantic interest isn’t there), you may make a friend out of the deal.
Is this tricky, given that you don’t know whether he goes for women or men? Potentially. But it’s also a good opportunity to take your time and get to know this guy — and your true feelings about him — before plunging in, putting you in a better position for lasting romance or friendship.
from The Courier-Journal

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