John Waters Admits Being A Big Fan Of K-Fed

John Waters
Moviemaker John Waters, the man behind such cinematic originals like Cry Baby and Serial Mom, may be at the forefront of something else truly innovative: he’s a one-man Kevin Federline fan club.
“You don’t see him out there getting out of limousines and flashing his shaved crotch,” Waters, holed up at Toronto’s Royal York Hotel, says animatedly of the estranged husband of pop diva Britney Spears. “He’s been the gentleman since they split up. I hope he gets the kids – he deserves them more than she does.”
Waters is such a fan of K-Fed that he ordered his assistant to go out and get him the wannabe hip-hop star’s CD when it came out last year.
“She was so mad, she almost quit. She kept saying: ‘I’m not doing it. Please don’t make me buy it.’ But she finally did. I consider it a prized possession; I haven’t even taken it out of the wrapper. There’s something about that guy I like, something very Baltimore and sleazy about him.”
Waters, himself a Baltimore native and resident (Federline is California-born), is in Toronto filming the TV show Love You to Death, starring as the “Groom Reaper.” Each half-hour episode dramatizes a story of wedded bliss that eventually ends with one partner killing the other. It airs on Global in the spring, though no official date has been announced.
“I play sort of a murderer-enabler,” Waters said, adding his goal with the character is to channel Vincent Price, his lifelong idol, as much as possible. “I’m glad I never got a facelift or Botox or I wouldn’t have got the part. I even try to stay out the night before so I look really old and scary. My character really doesn’t care about anything as long as someone ends up dead.”
What he loves about the show, Waters says, is how the true-life stories of love gone murderously wrong are more fascinating than anything he could have dreamed up – and this coming from the man behind an impressive portfolio of hilariously dark movies like 1994’s Serial Mom, a brilliant and under-rated comedy starring Kathleen Turner as a suburban mother who ruthlessly eliminates anyone who crosses her children.
“What’s really great and fun about it is the fact that real life can be so much more bizarre than any script,” he says. “We have yet to find a situation where the couple gets married and then one of them kills the other on the same day, but we know that will probably happen at one point. Nor do we have a gay marriage that goes wrong – but like I always say, tattoo removal and gay divorces are what everyone should be investing in right now.”
A 25-minute chat with Waters runs the gamut of topics as he delves into everything from same-sex marriage – “Gay people have as much a right to bad marriages as the rest of the world!” – Edie Sedgwick, global warming and back, of course, to K-Fed.
“I’m a big fan of K-Fed – that’s who I want to marry,” he says with a laugh. “What did he do that was so wrong? She’s the idiot. She’s the one who gave him the Ferrari. Who gives a Ferrari to rough trade? Who could blame him for taking it? And he looks good whether he’s all cleaned up or long-haired and sleazy.”
Waters is coy, however, about whether he’d ever cast Federline in any future movies.
“We’ll see,” he says with a giggle.

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