Inmate With AIDS Charged With Sexual Battery

Gay Sex
OHIO – A Cleveland man who has AIDS is facing charges after his cellmate at Lorain Correctional Institution told officials he awoke to find the man performing a sexual act on him.
Michael Gross, 32, was indicted on sexual battery and felonious assault charges. If convicted, the charges could keep him in prison beyond the one-year sentence he is serving for drug and weapons charges out of Cuyahoga County.
Gross’ conviction stemmed from a March 2006 traffic stop in Valley View during which police found a loaded handgun, crack and marijuana in the car, authorities said.
County Prosecutor Dennis Will said Gross’ cellmate at LCI was a 25-year old man serving a 1½-year sentence from Summit County on drug and weapons charges.
The charges stem from a Sept. 29 incident, he said.
“One guy woke up and found (Gross) performing oral sex on him,” Will said.
The victim and Gross then got into a fistfight that brought guards down on the cell and led to both men being treated at the infirmary.
“It was quite a donnybrook,” Will said.
Will said the felonious assault charge stems from the fact that Gross has AIDS, not from the fight.
Sexual assaults aren’t uncommon between prisoners, Will said.
“Any place there’s a prison or a correctional facility, you’re going to have incidents like this,” Will said.
Gross, who has prior criminal convictions for felonious assault, theft and forgery, is now incarcerated at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility. The victim is at another institution, according to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.
from The Chronicle Telegram

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