Isaiah Washington: ‘I Need Help’

Grey's Anatomy
HOLLYWOOD – Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington has accepted he needs help after “marring” his castmates’ magical night at the Golden Globe Awards on Monday by using an anti-gay slur in a press conference.
The actor grabbed the microphone in the press room, after picking up the Best TV Drama prize with his costars, and attempted to address ongoing reports about his on-set spat with fellow TV surgeon Patrick Dempsey.
Last October’s fight started after Washington called gay costar T.R. Knight a “faggot,” with Knight coming clean about his sexuality following the incident.
At the Globes, Washington blurted out the ‘f’ word as he foolishly insisted he never used the derogatory term, calling it “vile.”
Knight has since appeared on TV talk show Ellen to confirm Washington did indeed refer to him as a “faggot” on the Grey’s Anatomy set.
Bosses at ABC, which airs the show, have issued a statement criticizing Washington for his Golden Globes gaffe, with Washington coming forward to further apologize for his comments.
In a statement, released late yesterday the actor, who played a gay man in Spike Lee’s Get on the Bus, said, “I apologize to T.R., my colleagues, the fans of the show and especially the lesbian and gay community for using a word that is unacceptable in any context or circumstance.
“By repeating the word Monday night, I marred what should have been a perfect night for everyone who works on Grey’s Anatomy. I can neither defend nor explain my behavior.
“I can also no longer deny to myself that there are issues I obviously need to examine within my own soul, and I’ve asked for help.
“I know the power of words, especially those that demean. I realize that, by using one filled with disrespect, I have hurt more than T.R. and my colleagues. With one word, I’ve hurt everyone who has struggled for the respect so many of us take for granted.”
Washington has accepted an invitation to meet with gay activists and hopes to talk to them about “what I can do to heal the wounds I’ve opened,” adding, “I intend to let my future actions prove my sincerity.”
As WENN went to press, more than 9,000 Grey’s Anatomy fans had signed an Internet petition urging ABC bosses to fire Washington over his comments.

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