Aunt Weighs Whether ‘Outing’ Nephew Is Right Thing To Do

Dear Abby: I have a 15-year-old nephew I have suspected is gay for a long time. I recently saw his profile on because I search there often, checking on my daughter. I found that he is on there and has listed his sexual orientation as “Bi.”
I am sure that his mother, my sister, is not aware of this. I think I would like to know if he were my son, but I am unsure how to handle this. I don’t think his parents will take this too well. Is it my responsibility to tell her?
Distressed Aunt in Miami

Dear Distressed Aunt:
If your nephew were engaging in self-destructive behavior, I would say tell his parents. However, identifying one’s sexual orientation doesn’t fall into that category. Unless you are the self-appointed town crier of Miami, it is not your responsibility to “out” your nephew – especially since you don’t think his parents will take it well.
Your sister and her husband may already suspect, but your nephew should be given the courtesy of announcing his sexual orientation when he is ready. My advice is to keep your mouth shut. When people are told something they don’t want to hear, they often resent the messenger.
from The Gainsville Sun

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