Freshman Faces Indictment

Gay Sex
A New Mexico State University freshman was charged last week with sexually assaulting another student.
Joshua Cox, 18, of El Paso, was indicted last week with pending charges of sexual penetration, kidnapping and battery.
Lt. Ruben Barreras of the NMSU Police Department said Cox persuaded the victim to go to his room at Garcia Hall on Sept. 2, after drinking alcohol together. At the dorm room, the victim fell asleep and woke up to find Cox reportedly performing oral sex on him.
Barreras said the alleged victim could have fallen asleep due to possible fatigue or alcohol.
Within the same day, Cox was reported drinking with another male who was in the military. Cox then convinced the man to go back to his dorm room, but upon arrival, the man changed his mind, Barreras said.
After grabbing the man by his shirt, Cox tried to pull him into his dorm room, Barreras said.
Cox let the victim flee after the man pulled out his military badge and claimed to be a police officer, Barreras said.
Cox was not arrested, but is sentenced to appear in district court to enter his plea.
The 5’9,” 250 lb. male student does not have a criminal record, but Barreras said he could go to prison from one to 10 years, if he’s convicted.
Barreras said not many sexual assault cases are typical per year, and not often reported to the police.
“Reported [cases] we receive may be about two per year, if I had to guess,” Barreras said.
Crime Rate Statistics given from the NMSU PD reported five cases of aggravated battery/assault in 2004, meaning the amount of aggravated battery/assault incidents have decreased since past years.
Barreras said he attributes much of campus safety to the curriculum taught and the discipline enforced by student services.
“If something ever happens, they’re going to take care of it,” Barreras said.
Francisco Leon, a freshman who lives at Garcia Hall, said he feels safe on campus. “There is a lot of police here,” he said.
Leon’s friend, freshman Felipe Payan, agreed. “I feel safe here,” Payan said. “I’ve never seen or heard of any crimes.”
Missy Kameli, who helps oversee NMSU Housing and Residential Life, said there is staff available on call every night, as well as supervisors on call 24 hours a day to assist students in any kind of situation. There are also intern counselors who live on campus to assist students.
“Students always have the opportunity to contact a staff member if they need anything,” Kameli said.
from The Round Up

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