Author Sues For Copyright Infringement Over ‘Brokeback Mountain’

Janice Scott-Blanton
Author, Janice Scott-Blanton, filed a $250M copyright infringement lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. The complaint alleges that similarities between her novel My Husband is on the Down Low and I Know About It and the Academy Award winning motion picture film Brokeback Mountain 2005, are more than coincidence.
To support her allegations, Scott-Blanton has cataloged over 50 substantial similarities between the two bodies of work; these similarities range from subtle to the stark. During an early bar scene in the movie, Scott-Blanton saw an occurrence that reminded her of a scene from her novel but she gave it the benefit of the doubt. While continuing to view the movie, Scott-Blanton recognized during the first sexual encounter between Jack and Ennis another similarity; the scene reminded her of a sex scene from her novel; this was not a coincidence. GayShe placed the movie on pause and retrieved her novel. After reviewing the scene from her novel, she realized the scenes were eerily similar. A coincidence at this point but this caused Scott-Blanton to view the remainder of the movie with a more critical eye.
A more stark similarity is exhibited after James’ and Annette’s ninth wedding anniversary, when Annette from Scott-Blanton’s novel confronted James regarding his homosexual activity. James told her that he had purposely written a confession in his journal because he knew she had been secretly reading it; he did not know of any other way to tell her about his secret. This scene transpires in a kitchen setting. After Thanksgiving dinner, in the movie Brokeback Mountain, Alma confronts Ennis (her husband) regarding his homosexual activity. Alma told Ennis she had purposely written a note and put it on the end of his fishing line for him to find. This scene also transpires in a kitchen setting.
Scott-Blanton intends to prove in court that there are substantial similarities in the domestic life, characters, plot, thematic expressions, sequence of events and the total look and feel of Brokeback Mountain as compared to her novel My Husband is on the Down Low and I Know About It.

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