Gays Might Do Well To Stay In The Closet

There was a time when to be “gay” simply meant that a person was happy, giddy, or perhaps just singin’ in the rain over requited love. Back then, people kept their clothes in the closet and their sexual preferences to themselves. In these days of over-the-top political correctness, we can’t throw a fagot on the fire for fear of offending someone and even the tooth fairy is suspect because so many words now carry a double entendre.
Whether you believe that homosexuality occurs because of choice, the environment or genetics, the fact is that a small percentage of people are wreaking havoc on our cultural, political, religious and educational structures by asserting that their sexual behaviors endow them with special status and their “in your face” demands for recognition. According to the most widely accepted study of sexual practices in the United States, the National Health and Social Life Survey, only 2.8 percent of the male and 1.4 percent of the female population identify themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual. This figure used to be higher, between 8 percent and 10 percent, but the most recent study indicates a much lower occurrence. Obviously, homosexuals are not in a majority. However, based upon the media’s fixation on “gay rights,” it would seem that our nation is clearly divided into the red, blue and rainbow states.
The term, “gay rights,” is bizarre in and of itself. Since when did sexual preference entitle a person to special rights? Frankly, I don’t think that the mainstream of people care that much about the what, when and where of anyone else’s sexual activity; most people are simply trying to generate a little activity of their own. Nevertheless, if we entitle homosexuals with special status, celebrate homosexuality with gay pride parades and propose legislation that would identify whether contributors to history were gay, why not accord the same status to those whose love of the birds and bees also includes beasts? Like sheep for example. Those individuals with a certain affection for four-legged companions could celebrate bestiality pride week, offer bovine visiting rights and allow Hallmark to develop yet another profitable card line.
GayHomosexuality occurs in all cultures and even in the animal world, (8 percent of some sheep are out of the barn and listen to Barbara Streisand). Even if love and attraction between the same sexes is historic and common, it still doesn’t create a third gender. Homosexuality is a social behavior exhibited among all races and by both sexes, but this behavior does not create a unique human form. Whether you define yourself as lesbian, gay, transgender, pangender, bigender or intersexual, you are still either a man or a woman. If we legalize homosexual marriage, will gays be defined by their sexual preferences while taking their vows? Do you Bobbi, butch with a penchant for porn, take Beulah, femme, with a shoe fetish, as your lawfully wedded partner? The only true difference between homo and hetero is whom you love and how you gratify your physical needs, and this difference just does not support the rise of a new political party or new legislation.
Granted, there are issues of discrimination and those need to be addressed. For example, hospitals might do well to improve on patient’s rights by allowing patients to determine whom they want to have visiting them as opposed to a hospital’s visitation policy (family only) and, provided that an agenda is not being pushed, any qualified person should be allowed to perform any given job, without harassment. I’m a firm believer in the U.S. military policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell” except for the clause that prohibits homosexuals from serving their country.
For the most part, people don’t choose who they fall in love with, it just happens. Sexual attraction is a mystical and chemical thing that often causes people to do things they might not logically choose to do. Nevertheless, who (or what) you choose to spend time with, both in and out of bed, does not make you a separate gender with unique rights. While sexual behaviors that don’t fit the “norm” don’t necessarily mean that you are an aberration to the human race, those behaviors will most likely generate controversy.
Hetero, homo, emo or Cheerio, all people, especially those that stand out as different, can expect to take some heat in some form or another. The choice is whether to handle the heat with dignity or to make a public spectacle that may garner attention from the media but will only serve to inflame the majority of society. The LGBT organizations, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, (sounds like a sandwich — a nice lettuce, gruyere, bacon and tomato) and the gay culture persistently push their agenda with displays of public face sucking and flamboyant antics and then complain bitterly when discriminated against.
Perhaps staying in the closet, or at least taking advantage of privacy laws, would be a better choice. The majority of society does not parade their sexual preferences in front of the world expecting special treatment and neither should homosexuals. They’re just not that special.
from / Alana Burke

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