Support Rally Planned For Transgender Professor

A rally will be held Monday to help a transgender Spring Arbor University professor keep her job.
John Nemecek, who is transitioning to become a woman, Julie Marie Nemecek, has been notified by the Christian-based university her contract won’t be renewed this spring after 16 years.
Drew Hinkle, founder of the Spring Arbor Gay Straight Alliance, said the rally is intended to show support for Julie and educate the public about the struggles transgender people face.
“The reason people are being so black-and-white and being so opposed is because they don’t understand what transgender is,” Hinkle said. “They’re just scared of what they don’t know.”
Hinkle said Nemecek will participate in the rally, which will begin with a prayer for her.
Hinkle said he doesn’t know how many people will participate in the rally or what the response will be, but he hopes participants stay positive and turn the other cheek if the response is negative.
from Everything Michigan

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