Science On Homosexuality Will Bring Agreement

Randy Blue / Alex & Cole
During debate on the marriage amendment in the state legislature recently, one homosexual lobbyist commented that time was on the side of homosexuals because the younger generation is far more tolerant of homosexuals than their parents. I think we all see that, and what person of good will does not welcome that tolerance?
Yet I don’t think time is on the side of the homosexual movement. As time goes on and no proof is found that homosexuality is genetic (and be aware that none has ever been found), homosexuals will no longer be able to claim that they are born that way, their main argument.
As time goes on, more and more studies will point to the real cause of homosexuality, negative childhood relationships of various types. Last year’s huge Dutch study of homosexual marriage is an example.
Understanding homosexuality better will, in turn, help us fashion more effective psychological and spiritual counseling to cure homosexual behaviors. Robert Spitzer’s 2003 study is dramatic proof that many homosexuals are changing with counseling. This growing body of scientific information is currently being ignored, but it can’t be ignored forever.
Science will eventually help us to see there are really no homosexual persons, but only heterosexual people who have been wounded away from their normal, healthy sexual instinct. We need to let science play a larger part in the homosexual debate. It’s in the scientific arena we have our greatest hope for agreement.
from The Indianapolis Star / Stephen J. Martin

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