Christina Aguilera Won’t Release Oral Sex Song

Christina Aguilera
LOS ANGELES – Christina Aguilera may have come a long way from her “Dirrty” days, but the singer admits she still likes to get down and dirty behind closed doors and sing about raunchy subject matters.
Christina recently said she has recorded a song about oral sex but has vowed never to release it.
The singer revealed she laid down the X-rated track called “Fuck You, Suck You” during one drunken night in the recording studio. And despite record producer Linda Perry’s pleas, Christina says the only people who will get to hear the racy lyrics are her close friends.
Speaking at the Grammy Awards, she said, “We recorded it one night over whiskey in the studio. It’s completely breathy. Linda wanted to put it out under someone else’s name. But I play it when I have my friends over when we’ve had one too many and start rolling around the floor with each other.”
The 26-year-old also confessed her own music is a turn-off when she is having sex with husband Jordan Bratman. She prefers the melancholic tones of British band Radiohead.
Christina explained, “I’d be too busy analyzing my own voice. I get very nitpicky. I like listening to Thom Yorke from Radiohead. That’s good sexy-time music.”
The raunchy star has previously revealed she tries to make love every day and made no secret of her openness to experimenting in the bedroom.
She said, “I’m a red blooded woman who doesn’t feel guilty about making love. If a lover wants to experiment with handcuffs, then that’s fair enough for me! What’s the point of holding back that side of your personality if it’s horny and turns you both on?”
from All Headline News

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