Craig Upsets Bond Fans

Daniel Craig
Bond actor Daniel Craig is not a happy man.
Despite the BAFTA nomination for best actor – which suggests to us that his performance has been rated quite highly – Craig is apparently narked that people find him attractive.
The bastards.
The Daily Mail reports that Craig snapped at writer Johan Hari, at the BAFTA aftershow party, after he reportedly quipped to Craig about how great he looked in his trunks.
Craig’s reply? He apparently called Hari ‘a fucking fool’.
That means he’s either getting sick of the eye-candy / beefcake comments or he’s auditioning for the role of BA in The A Team movie.
‘He could have just smiled and said he wasn’t in the mood for a joke,’ said Hari. ‘But he was actively rude and seemed to snarl at me.’
A source explained that Craig’s reaction is down to his frustration that his physical appearance is overshadowing his talent
‘Daniel sees himself as a serious classically-trained actor (who) brought real depth to the role of Bond. Everyone from Jonathan Ross downwards spends the night talking about how buff he looks in swimming trunks.’
As problems go, it’s one we wouldn’t mind having.
from Mega Star

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