Online Wedding Photo Of Gay Mayoral Candidate Creates Stir

Jass Stewart & Denzil Paul
BROCKTON, MASSACHUSETTS — If you weren’t invited to mayoral candidate Jass Stewart’s nuptials three years ago, you can still get a wedding day photo of Stewart and his spouse, Denzil Paul.
The photo of the couple kissing outside City Hall is one of seven posted on the Web site for Honey Brown Cards, a Boston-based card company.
“A friend took the photo from our wedding,” said Stewart, who is the city’s first openly gay mayoral candidate and is making his second run for the post. “He said he would like to use it for his little business.”
The cards, billed by the company as “cards for gay occasions,” sell for $1.50 each and can be customized.
Stewart said he is not making any money off the sales.
But the photo is generating plenty of chatter on the Web site
Some folks posted comments praising Stewart’s openness and saying being gay has nothing to do with leading the city. Other postings said gossip about the picture is an attempt to smear Stewart to make it harder for him to get elected mayor.
“The fact that my personal wedding photo is becoming an issue in this campaign is frankly a bit disappointing, because there are major issues facing the city,” Stewart said. “I am very proud of my family and, like many families, we want a city that works for all of us.”
Stewart was married in 2004 but said the couple celebrate their anniversary on Sept. 9, 2001, the day they were committed — before gay marriage was legalized in Massachusetts.
from The Enterprise

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