A Long Overdo Penis Correction

Waaay back in December of 2005 I posted an article about two students who upset everyone when they built a snow penis. Yesterday Mitch, one of the students set me an e-mail saying that the photo I used was not his penis. He sent me some photos that he had taken so I am posting the correct penis today.
Mitch says “And trust me, it’s art!”

Well Mitch I have to agree! Thanks for the photos.

Snow Penis
Snow Penis

Snow Penis

Snow Penis

Is It Art Or Is It Snow Porn?

December 20, 2005
Snow PenisIt was the perfect advertisement for Viagra.
And because the 1.5-metre-high penis sculptured from snow was made by second-year McMaster University engineering students, it was stabilized to stand up to kicks and attempts to push it over.
It stood over the weekend until it was knocked down Tuesday by a work crew.
But for some residents, the snow penis was highly offensive and another flashpoint in the ongoing problems of student parties, pranks and antics that plague the neighbourhoods around McMaster.
Retired Mohawk College professor Bill Goruk says the sculpture may have offended families with young children in the area.
He and other residents are tired of students who live off-campus and party in the area.
“How often do we need to be woken up at all hours to hooting and hollering, bottles being broken in the street and students puking on lawns?” Goruk asked.
The students, identified as Mitch and Kevin, said they created the sculpture to relieve the stress of exams.
The sculpture may have upset some people, but most laughed and chuckled at it or took pictures, Kevin said.
“We make snowmen, snow angels, snow forts, and a sculpture that is phallic shouldn’t offend someone,” Mitch said in an e-mail. “It’s there for people to laugh at and be reminded that winter is a time to have fun and be creative.”
from AZ Central

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