48% Of Men Fake Orgasms

Randy Blue / Jay & Joey
It used to be somewhat of a joke or even commonplace in the media to hear about women faking orgasms. Its been the topic of conversation in countless romantic comedies, talk shows and sitcoms such as Sex and the City. However a new poll shows that men are just as guilty when it comes to faking it.
According to a new Lavalife poll faking orgasms are not just a woman’s prerogative, but startling number of men polled say they too have done the deed. According to results form the poll 48 percent of the 9,100 men polled through the online dating site Lavalife.com say they have faked an orgasm.
“When it comes to faking orgasms, people assume that it’s primarily done by women,” says Ambrose Diaz, a contributing editor to Lavalife Magazine, who recently researched the topic and wrote a story on the practice … or lack thereof. “The poll we conducted on Lavalife.com shows us that it’s definitely not just women who are faking it, but a large number of men as well.”
By reading this one of the questions running through your mind is how do men get away with it?
“Wearing a condom makes it easy,” says Diaz. “According to my research, the men who have faked an orgasm without a condom just told their partners they didn’t ejaculate very much.”
According to Diaz, many of the reasons men fake orgasms are similar to those of women: they are tired, they just want to be done, or they just aren’t into sex that particular night. Some thought they were going to lose their erection or felt they were lacking an emotional connection.
However the numbers from the poll show that women fake it in bed more than men. Roughly 82 percent of the 6,350 women who were surveyed say they have faked an orgasm.
from All Headline News

Randy Blue

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