Gay Spanish Doctor’s Body Found

Joaquín Leal Bermúdez
OSLO, NORWAY – The body of a Spanish doctor who disappeared in Norway in January has been found on the outskirts of Oslo. His name was Joaquín Leal Bermúdez, and he was from Coría del Río, in Seville. He worked in the Radiology Hospital in Oslo.
His chopped up body was found last Saturday wrapped inside a plastic bag in a wood to the north of the Norwegian capital. The bag was partially covered by snow, and was discovered by a passerby.
DNA testing has confirmed the remains to be those of Dr Leal.
A 37 year old Norwegian man, said to be a friend of the victim, has been on remand for the past two months, after he was arrested driving the doctor’s car on a motorway to the south of Oslo. The suspect, who is from Trondheim, admitted to the police that he was in Oslo the week before the doctor disappeared and visited him at his home.
Leal was last seen on 14th January, in a gay bar he often visited in Oslo. A neighbour said in a statement to police that he heard noises and shouts from the missing man’s flat the following day.
from Typically Spanish

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